The series, “Just Passing Through”, explores the ephemeral nature of time and experiences life briefly offers us. People change, every living thing grows old and eventually dies, things break, landscapes are altered, and species evolve. Inevitably, nothing lasts forever. Using instant film and emulsions, I create delicate multiple exposures that whisper stories of impermanence and the transience of life. This series consists of old and new photographs that depict precious memories from my past, current life events, and various individuals who are significant to me - some of whom are no longer with us. 

My goal is to create images that bring to life old memories and encapsulated new ones in a way that is palpable and relatable. Utilizing the effects of emulsions creates ghostly layers that appear as if they are floating on top of the photographs. Each one represents a moment in time that was once as real and tangible as the moment we are in right now, but has since faded into a memory.



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